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Greening the alleys

With advice and materials from The Conservation Volunteers, plus funding support from Live Here Love Here and The National Lottery Community Fund we have been injecting a bit of nature into an often forgotten bit of Ormeau.

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Do you want to be a tree keeper?

Our method of greening the alleys so far, is planting dwarf apple trees, in home-made wooden planters.

So that we know trees planted are wanted and cared for, we're asking people to become 'tree keepers'. This will mean they nominate a spot near their home, build the planter, plant the tree and then be responsible for caring for it over its life. We sort you out with all the materials (wood, soil, tree) you need.

Ideally we'd like people to team up with their neighbours so the tree is cared for even if someone is unwell, on holiday or moves away.

See our Gallery below to see what's involved.

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Why trees?

  • They support wildlife like insects and birds

  • They clean our air by absorbing carbon

  • They offer shade on hot days

  • With fruit trees, they offer us a free, fresh source of food

  • Ormeau used to be an area full of orchards, so it's part of our heritage

  • It's fun to get together to care for them

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Sign-up for updates

If you sign up as a tree keeper, you'll be added to our email updates list. You'll get updates on when our workshops are taking place and any other relevant information related to the project. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Thanks for signing-up. Check your inbox for a welcome email :)

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