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Open Ormeau is a community action group formed by Ormeau residents in the midst of lockdown in 2020. We are a group of volunteers from all walks of life.

Responding to the needs of our neighbours, we work together to develop events and campaigns which make the area we love a better place to live.

We first came together to increase space for pedestrians on the road in lockdown 2020. This was to help with social distancing and to provide more space for their local businesses and their customers.

But we quickly grew to encompass a whole range of community initiatives. 

By surveying our members, we identified three main themes that had inspired people to get involved, and so we built our mission statement from there.

You can read more about our goals as a collective in this article from Belfast Live from September 2021.

Image by Danny Nee

Improving Liveability

Boosting cycling and pedestrian experience

Community cohesion

About us : Take Action
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