Open Ormeau is a community action group formed by Ormeau residents from all walks of life in the midst of lockdown in 2020. Responding to the needs of our neighbours, we work together to develop events and campaigns which make the area we love a better place to live.

What started as a local project to increase pedestrianisation to help with social distancing, and to help local businesses by providing more space for their customers, quickly grew to encompass a whole range of community initiatives. 

By surveying our members, we identified three main themes that had inspired people to get involved, and so we built our mission statement from there, and the projects naturally flowed from that point.

Image by Danny Nee

Improving Liveability

Whether by trying to boost morale during lockdown by organising neighbours to join a sing-a-long from their front step, or by trying to boost the availability of green spaces, to provide cheap environmentally friendly food, and foster local friendships by the creation of a community garden, improving the liveability for people living in the Ballynafeigh area is one of our main aims.

Boosting cycling and pedestrian experience

From setting up a cycle train to allow children and their parents to do the school run on two wheels confidently in safety to liaising with local authorities on a review of cycling and pedestrian safety and infrastructure, we believe that our village will thrive when people feel motivated and safe to leave their cars at home and explore or commute on foot or by bike.

Community cohesion

We believe that a community is nothing without its people, and it is in the relationships between those people where a community really comes to life. By providing community events and projects, such as our Halloween Tree Hunt and Once Upon a Time in Ormeau, we want to give a space for people to engage whether by getting involved in organising, or by taking part so that every one can really feel a part of a thriving community.