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Once Upon a Time in Ormeau: Welcome

Once Upon a Time in Ormeau

A Festival of Stories and Lights

Together we decorated the Ballynafeigh area in the lead up to Christmas, celebrating how our community gave hope to each other in 2020.

We transformed our beloved neighbourhood into a Winter Wonderland!

Once Upon a Time in Ormeau: About


  • Cooke Church (Corner of Park Parade and Ormeau Road)

  • Rosario Youth Centre

  • Deramore Ave/ Rushfield Ave Alleyway

  • St Joseph's/ Nazareth Care Village

  • Ballynafeigh Flute Band Hall, Blackwood Street

  • Trees at the end of Sunnyside Street

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How did you get involved?

Residents of all ages made their own decorations and placed them around Ormeau, at our 6 special light displays.

We created how to guides and offered some festive inspiration.

Some of our volunteers were on hand on the weekends leading up to Christmas to hand out bits and bobs for people to use for their decorations. We also shared resources with schools, care homes and other local partners directly.

Key dates:

  • Our lantern-making workshop took place online on Saturday 5th December at 3pm. Missed it? You can still watch it here.

  • On Friday 18th December the elves switched on fairy lights all around the Ormeau.

  • From Monday 21st December people took their lantern for a walk through the beautifully lit-up enchanted Ormeau streets.

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How to Guides

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-02 at

Make a Lantern

Watch our video tutorial led by Eileen from the South Belfast Lantern Parade.

Watch Video
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Make a Snowflake

Take a look at our step by step guide to making a paper snowflake.

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-29 at 17.44.25(1)

Make Bunting

Brighten up the neighbourhood with some festive bunting.

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Once Upon a Time in Ormeau: Pro Gallery

Partners and Funding

Funding  for this project came from Belfast City Council and The Community Foundation.

We are hugely grateful to our friends at Ballynafeigh Community Development Association for their support, as well as the local partners around Ormeau who hosted our displays or created artwork.

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