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Our Changed Place Response

In response to the #OurChangedPlaceNI initiative during the first lockdown in April 2020, we proposed a temporary closure of part of the Ormeau Road.

We felt this would help with social distancing, and would help local businesses by providing more space for their customers at a time when car traffic was low.

We distributed 5,000 leaflets to encourage as many residents as possible to share their voice. We also shared survey links on our social media and through local partner organisations.

63% of the 995 people who responded to the survey were supportive of the idea.

Nearly 80% of people who responded to us online were also positive about the proposal.

However, many businesses and residents had concerns about vehicle access and anti-social behaviour. This meant despite adjustments to the proposal (covered here in Belfast Live)  the idea had to be postponed for now.

Even though we did not achieve our goal, this was the project that brought us together as a group. More than 240 people got in touch to volunteer with future projects and we continue to come together to think of fun and creative ways to brighten up our area.

Our Changed Place Response: About Us
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